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Anesthesia delivered with care for
patients who feel cared for.

West Cardio General Anesthesia is a medical practice of highly qualified Physician Anesthesiologists originally formed in 2007 to provide organized single group anesthesia coverage to Mayaguez Medical Center, in Mayaguez PR.

We currently utilize both a Physician Only Anesthesia Model, and an Anesthesia Care Team Model, working closely with our Anesthetists (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists), who help to provide excellent care under our close medical direction.

We aim to provide exceptional and highly personalized anesthesia care to all of our patients, ensuring that they have a safe and stress-free surgical and obstetric experience here at Mayagüez Medical Center. We are committed to the highest standards in the Medical Practice of Anesthesiology.

Our group currently consists of 3 Anesthesiologists that provides all adult anesthesia services at Mayaguez Medical, including providing 24/7 call coverage to the operating rooms. Our group takes care of approximately 13,000 patients annually.

General anesthesia before surgery. Medical anesthesia. Preparing for surgery. Life saving.

Anesthesia Services

There are many types of anesthesia available to help make patients comfortable during surgery or a medical procedure. Because each person is unique, your anesthesiologist, in consultation with you, will individually tailor the treatment approach for your specific needs. Factors affecting the particular technique or approach include the type of surgery/procedure being performed, the patient’s age, physical status, lab results and medical history as well as the requirements of the surgeon.

General Anesthesia

Regional Anesthesia

TIVA (Total IV Anesthesia) or IV General

MAC or Monitored Anesthesia Care with Sedation:

Deep, Moderate, Mild

Local Anesthesia

General Surgery

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery



Plastic Surgery


Gynecological Oncology and Urogynecology

Oral Surgery

Cardiology-diagnostic, interventional and electrophysiology / structural heart

Gastroenterology / Pulmonology


Obstetric and Epidural Labor

Pediatric Anesthesia


410 Avenida Hostos Carretera #2

Mayaguez, PR 00680

Tel: (787) 652-9200 ext 72368

Fax: (787) 652-1837

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